The Garden State. It’s well known for the Skee-Ball lanes at Asbury Park, a lush beautiful landscape – hence its nickname – and even though he sang about the Big Apple, the home state of Frank Sinatra.

Crypto ATMs in New Jersey

Even more recently, however, the state of New Jersey has become well known for something hip and new, something that has a growing fanbase throughout the eastern seaboard. No, not a resurgence of the Jersey Shore… it’s cryptocurrency ATMs.

Thirteen Crypto ATMs to be exact. From Newark to Avenal, from Vineland to Teaneck, one can find each of these locations pretty easily. In fact, two of the locations are currently sitting in Newark. There are several featured operators of these ATMs throughout the state, and most prominently among them is BelcoBTM.

Crypto ATMs in New Jersey Locations

Many of these Crypto ATMs operate with Bitcoin – the first, while others use Litecoin or some other altcoin crypto. BelcoBTM offers the ability to buy crypto: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, BNB and XRP at ATMs in New Brunswick, Jersey City, Hoboken, Perth Amboy, Bayonne, Clifton, and North Bergen among other locations. In addition, BelcoBTM offers the ability to buy and sell crypto at North Bergen, Newark and John F. Kennedy Blvd.

There is no denying that the number of crypto ATMs continues to grow. A vast majority of the 4700+ ATMs exist in United States. At current, New Jersey is the largest market (for such a small state) and sits the top five states with 177 Bitcoin ATMs. Other states in the top five include New York (125+ devices), Illinois (360 crypto ATMs), Texas, and Florida.

But the question remains: Where should the next devices be located. Specifically, where should these new ATM locations be placed within the state of New Jersey. Surprisingly, it is a market that is growing faster than its neighboring market on the other side of the East River (New York).

If you have questions or comments regarding the addition of new Crypto/Bitcoin ATMs in the state of New Jersey, be sure to contact BelcoBTM.

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