Truck Buds On-Demand Moving Platform is now serving California, with their regional office located just outside of Sacramento, in the city of Roseville. Truck Buds is a unique app and web platform allowing customers to higher a pickup truck for any delivery, drop-off or hauling needs. “Think Uber, for Pickup Trucks.”

You can hire a pickup truck owner to help with small furniture, appliance, hardware and haul-off move and pickup and deliveries. Truck Buds has taken their platform a step further allowing consumers to connect with Pickup & Trailer owners, Cargo Van Owners as well as 5 star moving companies.

Truck Buds is a family owned company, supporting over 500 drivers and their families, with a great way for them to earn extra income in their spare time to full time pickup truck owners that utilize the platform daily.

Find out more about Truck Buds by downloading the app:

Truck Buds on Google Play

Truck Buds The App Store

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